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is ▓year.Since there is a high demand for this kind of mushroom, other villagers have followed su

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-related business.The bamboo have also attracted businesses to Sichuan. Bamboo has been develope

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ce paper, charcoal, wine and fiber products. Those product▓s increase employment and incomes for

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local residents."With the largest area of bamboo forests of any province, the bamboo industry has become a▓ pillar industry in some regions of Sichuan. Tot

al output has reached one billion yuan,▓" said Ma Ping, an official with the provincial forestry de▓partment.There are more than 1.16 million hectares of commercial

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bamboo plantations in the province, which is also the habitat of nearly 1,800 g▓iant pandas.Chen Yingjun, a farmer in Wolon▓g Town in southwest China's Sichuan Province, use▓

o learn to carve bamboo roots to make a living. A▓lthough surro

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